Amber Waves - Electronics Division is the electronics design and manufacturing division of Amber Waves, Incorporated and provides everything needed to get your project to market, from design and prototyping to testing and manufacturing.

Doug Hauck:

Mr. Hauck has been a consultant in the electronics industry for over 15 years, specializing in hardware design. His experience spans every aspect of electronic hardware from embedded microcontroller- and DSP-based systems to microwave and optical sensor design. He has been involved in all aspects of product development including research and development, manufacturing, test and measurement, applications, human factors, and marketing to advanced planning and concepts. Most of his activity of late has been in the optimization of solar power utilization and brushless DC motor control.

Mr. Hauck is presently president of Amber Waves, Inc., a company devoted to research, design and manufacturing. He received his BSEE from North Dakota State University in 1993.

He started his career in the embedded systems area working at Phoenix International in Fargo, ND, designing ruggedized electronic controllers and sensors for the off-highway vehicle industry. After two years of product engineering, Mr. Hauck was chosen as the Lead Engineer for a new Applied Research and Development division at Phoenix International. While there he worked on such systems as a fiber optic based seed counter, a Doppler-effect ground speed sensor, and a short range altimeter for non-contact distance measuring. He jointly holds five patents with the team he led.

Mr. Hauck briefly returned to NDSU to work on a masters degree where he refined the design of a pulsed-Doppler blood flow sensor for NASA to study the effects of microgravity on the cardiovascular system. He also worked on an ultra low-power wireless personal area networking scheme for Rockwell-Collins.

After grad school Mr. Hauck joined the Internet startup BeAtHome.com where he designed the hardware for the two-time Consumer Electronics Show winning BeAtHome security and home automation system. He has since co-founded Amber Waves, Inc., where he consults full time while overseeing day-to-day activities of a manufacturing company.

Amber Waves Services
  We can take your concept and help you develop a complete product or start with your documentation and design.  
PCB Design
  Single Sided
Double Sided
PCB software design system - PADS Version 2004-SP2
Software & Hardware Design
  We specialize in microcontroller embedded systems including the analog and digital pieces necessary to interface with the real world.  
Prototype Building & Testing
  If your requirement is to build a few prototypes with little documentation, we can do it. If the design is complete and material is available, we can build prototypes in a very quick timeframe.  
Test Fixturing
  For products justifying the expense, we can design board level and end-of-line testers.  
  We offer the capability to perform turn-key design and manufacture or consignment manufacturing.  
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