Turn-key Production
We offer the capability to perform turn-key design and manufacture or consignment manufacturing. Provide us with your Bill of Materials and any special instructions and we will purchase the material and assemble your product.
Surface Mount Manufacturing
Bare (unpopulated) PCBs are placed into magazines and the full magazine is placed on a Board Unloader at the start of the automatic assembly line. The boards are transferred individually onto a conveyor that spans the entire length of the assembly line. Usually the individual boards are panelized into an array of PCBs so that several boards can be built simultaneously. They are then separated later in the process.
Once unloaded from the magazine, the conveyor takes the board through a solder paste screen printing machine. This machine places solder paste onto the boards. A custom stencil that matches the pad layout on the PCB is used and a squeegee loaded with solder paste runs over the stencil, placing the correct amount of paste in the appropriate places. The screen printer controls the conveyor to automatically advance to the next board in the line when it is ready.
Once the solder paste is in place, the boards travel to a pick and place machine, known as a "Chipshooter". The chipshooter is a robot that takes reels of tiny resistors and capacitors and places them on the PCB. Solder paste acts as a glue to hold them in place while the boards travel down the assembly line. Next, an IC Placer places the larger ICs on the PCB.
Each board is inspected after it comes out of the pick and place machines. If everything looks good on the freshly populated board, it is sent through an Infrared (IR) reflow oven. Here the entire board is heated until the solder pasted melts and permanently welds the components to the PCB.
Amber Waves, Electronics Division operates a complete in-line surface mount contract manufacturing assembly line in an environmentally controlled environment. Our surface mount equipment can handle fine pitch assembly work, and standard package sizes at high rates of speed to IPC standards. Amber Waves has chosen to use the finest insertion equipment from Fuji.

We also offer complete through-hole and mixed technology service. Amber Waves employs experienced supervisors and inspectors, along with a team of experienced line workers who are enabled with state of the art equipment.
Amber Waves Services
  We can take your concept and help you develop a complete product or start with your documentation and design.  
PCB Design
  Single Sided
Double Sided
PCB software design system - PADS Version 2004-SP2
Software & Hardware Design
  We specialize in microcontroller embedded systems including the analog and digital pieces necessary to interface with the real world.  
Prototype Building & Testing
  If your requirement is to build a few prototypes with little documentation, we can do it. If the design is complete and material is available, we can build prototypes in a very quick timeframe.  
Test Fixturing
  For products justifying the expense, we can design board level and end-of-line testers.  
  We offer the capability to perform turn-key design and manufacture or consignment manufacturing.  
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